EP Review: Darkness Divine – Prelude

Genre: Metal

Collectively, the underground British Metal scene is possibly the strongest and most varied it has ever been. This works both as a positive and a negative as it gives Metal fans more to choose from but,it also makes it harder for bands to stand out due to the extreme volume of competition. Breaking through the ranks is a tough battle but, the ability to bring something no one else can offer almost always helps; and this is precisely the case for Darkness Divine.

From the immediate launch of the opening ‘Digression’, the bands dominant Metal attitude and focus comes into focus. Unique vocal delivery and a riveting tempo prove to be decisive factors in the success of ‘Digression’. Bold, unapologetic Metal strength is the foundation stone of Darkness Divine’s sound, and this is epitomised by ‘What We Want’. Engaging, inviting vibes are created by the excellent guitar play early on, before this song blossoms into an adrenaline evoking tune. Following a familiar song structure can be risky due to the originality limitations but, Darkness Divine bypass this by bringing their own distinct style to the table, fuelled by an emotive atmosphere.

As ‘Prelude’ soldiers on, it presents you with the darker composition of ‘The Wicked’. A spacious and anthem coated chorus splashes ‘The Wicked’ with Hard Rock influence, bringing more depth to the EP. An expertly performed instrumental breakdown emphasises the skill of Darkness Divine with a trudging yet progressive sound. Additional strands of Hard Rock initially weigh in on ‘A Stronger Dose’ with the teasing guitar play and charismatic beat. However, the predominant Metal allegiance retakes control once the main body of the song comes forward. Another polarising Metal chorus for the EP’s collection maintains the impressive standard of ‘Prelude’.

You almost don’t want ‘Prelude’ to end as the final song, ‘Misconstrued’, takes centre stage. Offering something different and refreshing, this calm ballad tainted song hits you with a wave of refreshing originality from out of nowhere. Clearly distinguishing Darkness Divine as a band who aren’t afraid to test themselves, ‘Misconstrued’ latches onto an excellently balanced pace increase, as the empowering mood of the song easily earns your admiration.

Overall, this is a brilliant EP made with musical bravery, guts and an unwavering dedication to the art of Metal. Watch out for Darkness Divine because if they ever get a chance to shake the world, they’ll surely take it.

Review Rating: 9     

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