Album Review: Depraved Murder – Manifestation

Genre: Extreme Death Metal

A consistent desire for Death Metal bands across the world has been to create the heaviest, darkest and fastest Metal tracks possible in many cases. With the competition in the genre getting fiercer seemingly with every passing day, the need to stand out and produce something truly exceptional is perhaps stronger than ever. Thankfully, Depraved Murder have ticked all the above boxes with their freshly unleashed, morbidly fascinating new record, ‘Manifestation’, which becomes the first ever Indonesian album to feature on AC Rock Reviews.

An underlying theme of brutal, obsessive Death Metal violence descends onto the album like thick fog via the opening track, ‘Gore Green Meditations’. Deafening pace sends shockwaves through your body as this unapologetic behemoth of a track fires into action. Through a plethora of expertly executed tempo and key changes, Depraved Murder extract the maximum level of rage from this brutal song. Staggering drum play persists as an essential element of the record through ‘Congenital Anomalies Chromosome’. The brutality and sheer blood chilling savagery of this track make it a force to be reckoned with. This is definitely not the sort of music to listen to if you’re of a sensitive or nervous disposition.

The tempo and momentum of the album seamlessly continues into ‘Exterminate’. For an album of such darkness and chaos, its fluidity is astonishing. ‘Excruciate Impulsion’ maintains the heart-pounding, face-melting aggression of ‘Manifestation’ with more chugging bass lines and harrowing vocals. Elapsed shifts in pace and delivery also give the song a sense of constant forward motion; like it is always progressing towards heavier and more dangerous Metal realms.

Remorseless carnage continues into ‘Pragmatics Penetrate’ with its steam rolling velocity and immeasurable fury. Varied and imposing drum play invites a refreshed sense of creativity to the record, helping Depraved Murder to stay focused on their Death Metal targets. Chugging guitar delivery guides ‘Denounce the Weak’ confidently along with the unbreakable force of the vocals. ‘Manifestation’ has been pure conviction from the opening note and ‘Denounce the Weak’ has still managed to raise the bar.

As any good title-track should, ‘Manifestation’ encapsulates the purest and most refined essence of the entire album excellently. Bringing  a wave of cataclysmic anarchy to the tail-end of the record makes this a pivotal and important song in the albums narrative. Combining their efforts for a ground-shattering conclusion are the thumping ‘Disgenosome’ and the frankly intimidating ‘Persevere Genophage’.

Overall, ‘Manifestation’ is not for the faint hearted and is undoubtedly one of the heaviest releases of the year. Indonesia is not typically seen as a nation of Metal but, bands like Depraved Murder are certainly doing their bit to get Indonesia recognised as a formidable Metal haven.

Review Rating: 8

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