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Black Stone Cherry have enjoyed an unstoppable rise to Southern Rock stardom over the past decade or so. Since the release of their self-titled debut in 2006, they have propelled themselves from strength to strength effortlessly. Now with six full length studio releases to their name, the poster boys of 21st century Southern Rock are quickly building an imposing musical catalogue. But, the burning question remains present; what is Black Stone Cherry’s best album? Well, today we finally get to the bottom of this topical and pressing question. 

6. Magic Mountain (2014)

Although ‘Magic Mountain’ contains some of the most personal and meaningful songs Black Stone Cherry have ever released, it still falls to the bottom of the deck. Despite being last, ‘Magic Mountain’ is far from a disappointing record but, something had to come bottom. A number of songs on this album such as ‘Runaway’ and ‘Holding on to Letting Go’ directly address Chris Robertson’s (vocals) struggle with addiction and substance abuse. Writing, recording and releasing these songs was an extremely brave thing for the band to do and they should definitely be commended and respected for it.

5. Kentucky (2016)

As the follow up album from 2014’s ‘Magic Mountain’, ‘Kentucky’ saw Black Stone Cherry embrace a slightly different approach. ‘Kentucky’ is a much darker and murkier album compared to the bands prior releases thanks to songs such as ‘In Our Dreams’. Other songs deeper into the track list like ‘Hangman’ and ‘Darkest Secret’ also emphasise the downbeat undertones of the record. However, ‘Cheaper to Drink Alone’ and a cover of Edwin Starr’s ‘War’, shed shards of a  lighter atmosphere on the record. These are not only good songs, but they also represent the brilliant range of ‘Kentucky’ admirably.  

4. Family Tree (2018)

Arguably one of Black Stone Cherry’s more underappreciated and underrated records, ‘Family Tree’ is the bands latest full length studio record. More personally driven songs carrying important messages such as the title-track prove to be crucial additions. But, classic sounding songs from the Southern Rockers like ‘Burnin’ keep the album focused on Black Stone Cherry’s core sound. The fun and catchy ‘Southern Fried Friday Night’ also shows itself to be a memorable tune, bringing the light-hearted vibes of the album to the surface. Overall, this album is an improvement on their previous two and is certainly a good, enjoyable record. 

3. Black Stone Cherry (2006)

Here it is, the underground Southern Rock sensation that put Black Stone Cherry’s monumental rise to fame into motion. This raw, unapologetic and purposeful record put Black Stone Cherry on the map with a number of phenomenal, unique tracks. Even today, several songs from this album have endured and remained a consistent fixture of live set lists. Songs such as ‘Rain Wizard’, ‘Lonely Train’ and ‘Maybe Someday’ are still commonly regarded as being amongst their best songs. With more underrated songs like ‘Backwoods Gold’ and ‘Tired of the Rain’ also burning away in the background, it’s no wonder this record was such an instant hit.

2. Folklore and Superstition (2008)

The self-titled debut put Black Stone Cherry on the map and their second album, ‘Folklore and Superstition’, showed everyone that they were here to stay. Even though every Black Stone Cherry is at least good in its own right, ‘Folklore and Superstition’ possesses a sense of consistency that is almost unmatched. Each song has its own atmosphere, mood and character which all collaborate to make a remarkable overall vibe. Highlight songs include ‘Please Come In’, ‘Things my Father Said’ and the stunning, emotive ‘Peace is Free’. However, there isn’t a bad or even remotely weak song on ‘Folklore and Superstition’ which is why it may always be seen as of Black Stone Cherry’s finest records. 

1. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (2011)

A lot of bands will never make an album that achieves the allusive masterpiece status but that’s exactly what Black Stone Cherry did here. ‘Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea’ is the crowning achievement of an impressive and consistent career. Opening with one of the bands biggest singles in ‘White Trash Millionaire’, the significance of this record is immediately highlighted. Other iconic and famous Black Stone Cherry tunes such as ‘In My Blood’, ‘Like I Roll’ and the crowd favourite at any live performance, ‘Blame it on the Boom Boom’ also make noteworthy appearances. In truth, any song on this record could be a worthy contender to be one of Black Stone Cherry’s top 20 songs. Through its continuous high standard, tireless delivery, atmosphere and sheer excellence, this is undoubtedly Black Stone Cherry’s best album. In fact, it would be foolish not to consider this as one of the best Rock albums of the decade.

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